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Hello! My name is Marnie. I grew up in Maine, a wonderfully down to earth play to grow up, and over the past decade have meandered my way to the Pacific Northwest. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a twin, a little sister, a writer and a runner. As you can see I am many things, which is what brings me to Carrots Are Orange, aka, my outlet to keep two feet planted firmly on the ground. What began as a virtual journal has swiftly evolved into a platform where I get to share what I learn through reading & research but mostly through my experiences as a parent and my Montessori journey. With a BA in Economics, a graduate degree in business and nearly a decade of professional experience in finance and investment management, a big passion lies in teaching kids how to be responsible with money. I am currently pursuing Montessori certification in early childhood.

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My goal is to be resourceful and accessible to YOU. I also want to make you laugh. I suspect that I will learn a lot through this process. I hope you do too. I hope my sharing with you will enrich your life somehow, someday.

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Thanks for stopping by…I hope that I can inspire you.