DIY Ball Ramp Activity

I have recently become obsessed with creating a Ball Ramp. I had been saving these great sturdy tubes for, I kid you not, five years. I knew they would come in handy one day. My younger son (14 months) has shown a lot of interest in any sort of car racer or ramp. So I was sitting in our utility closet one evening seeking inspiration and I saw the “tubes”.

I fashioned them to a bar stool – in a not so pretty way – with masking tape . The next morning the boys went crazy again and again putting balls, cars, trainers, etc down the tube with pure joy.

As you can see, however, this contraption was not too attractive.

I thought, if I was going to keep this contraption in our living space, I need to make it look better. So that night I experimenting by painting one tube green and giving it a coat of good old mod podge.

The tube looked a lot better.

So my next step was to experiment with using a wall and adhesive. I used the bathtub for my laboratory.

I used velcro wall strips to secure the tube to the tub. This approach worked well so I decided to try this approach on a wall in the boys activity corner.

So that evening I decided to take the plunge and decorate the other tube. My 2.5 year old help me with the tissue paper and mod podge. We made a mess but we had a lot of fun.

Here is the final look with a touch of toddler:

I let it dry and attached the tubes to the wall after my boys were asleep.

I set it up so if a car, for example, was going fast enough it’d make it in the second tube. So that gave us an interesting topic of learning to insert into the fun.

Another point of learning: the second tube is smaller than the first (on the top) so if an object was too big it would not make it in the second tube.

Or if it was small enough, it just might make it…

I also placed baskets below each tube to provide a place for the objects to drop (or attempt to drop). Porcupine balls actually work really well for something fun and different.

I left a basket of goodies out for the boys. I can’t wait for them to get up from their nap and discover the ramp!

The best part? (Asks Mom) The ramp ISN’T an eye sore. Loving it.

Thank you for visiting! I hope I inspired you today!