Bee Activity for Kids with Book


We read the sweetest children’s book recently called UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings. The poems together told a truly lovely story of the various players in a bee colony. The poems draw in adults as well as children. Bees really are fascinating critters! Not only was the book a nice read, it was very informative and inspiring. Did you know Bee colonies are in danger? Yup. It is a big deal because we need bees for a few reasons but especially for pollination of other plants. They carry the sustenance of plant life on their bodies as they fly from plant to plant drinking nectar.

To continue the thinking and learning about these amazing insects and the topic of their “homes being in danger”, we did a very simple bee hive hands on activity.

Materials Needed for the Bee Activity for Kids

  • bubble wrap
  • yellow paint
  • plate for paint
  • paper of your choice
  • painters tape (optional)



Steps Taken in the Bee Activity for Kids

  • Lay out paper & tape down with painters tape
  • I taped the bubble wrap into a glove so my boys could slip their hands into it
  • Put paint on a plate and encourage your child to make a hand print with the bubble wrap & paint onto the paper
  • Allow time for your bee hive to dry



The result is a lovely bee hive.


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