The Best Martin Luther King Jr. Crafts for Kids


Below are my favorite crafts, activities and ideas for celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Kids. Be sure to check out my Martin Luther King Jr. Day for Kids Pinterest board for more favorites. All images are sourced from the original linked up post. Please click through to the websites for all the details! [Read On]

The Very Best Kids Activities of 2012


I am part of an effort with all these amazing bloggers listed below to highlight our “best” post from this past year. The result is an enormous amount of creativity and knowledge to offer readers. So, with that, I present my “best” post of the year, which was not only my most popular but also [Read On]

Preschool Music {Free Printables & Giveaway)


We had such a wonderful past few hours, while the boys sleep, I have to share with you a few things we did within music. Sensorial: Maestros Classics inspired us with their incredible Carnival of Animals cd. This piece gives children wonderful exposure to many instruments. We played pretend instruments and moved our bodies like [Read On]

What is a Community Helper? {Preschool Theme}


{Safari People Toob Replicas} I can hear Mr. Rogers now as he takes his shoes off and sings “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” So vividly, the thought practically brings tears to my eyes. How can one person impact the lives of so many young children? His message, especially this one, was always sincere, genuine and [Read On]

Fresh & Profound Children’s Book {BIG Giveaway}


How do you teach children the less tangible ideas about being the best person you can be? about being kind? about being strong? about what it means to be a good person? and that THAT is what makes us BIG? BIG is a new and nothing short of amazing children’s book written by Coleen Paratore [Read On]

Intro to Math for Kids {Triangle Stars}


Isn’t this image beautiful? I was taken aback by the amazing shapes and designs possible from a few triangles. This material is from an early childhood Montessori classroom. Yup, kids can begin to learn geometry at preschool age. The great thing, too, is that the learning is fun, without pressure, and captivates children (and adults).  [Read On]