Montessori Practical Life: Large Bead Stringing


Large Bead Stringing is one of the first works within Practical Life’s Care of the Environment. A powerful yet simple exercise that works fine motor skills and focus. With patterning, Lacing Beads also provides a young child exposure to early math. Invite child, retrieve a rug and have child carry the basket to meet you. [Read On]

Easy Montessori Valentine’s Day Activities


I added a few works to our shelves to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! Large Bead Stringing is a wonderful entree into sewing for young children. The activity develops fine motor skills. The string is a lace we had from a lacing card set. The beads are from . Be sure to have “keeper bead” as [Read On]

Over a Dozen Ways to Encourage Writing in Preschoolers


Dr. Montessori believed in allowing a child to discover reading and writing. If we give space for this discovery then it’ll ignite a child’s desire and drive for learning, more specifically reading and writing. So how do we step back and allow our children to guide their own development? First, we must accept that there [Read On]

Parts of the Eye Art Project for Preschoolers


Here is a great little art project for an Early Childhood classroom tackling the Eye within a five senses theme. I can’t take credit for the birth of this idea but will definitely be using it again. Materials Needed: White, black, brown, blue and green construction paper Scissors or Pin Poker Glue Approach: Prep the [Read On]

On Our Shelves {August}


Having a 4 year old and a 2. 5 year old poses some challenges given their different developmental stages. I try to choose activities that lend to a range of skills but am also prepared to occupy my littler guy while my older son works on an activity requiring a bit more concentration. I am [Read On]

Pre-Reading Ideas


Here are a few Montessori inspired Pre-Reading ideas for your home and classroom. Useful materials for pre-reading work include: Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters Large Push Pins Colored Pencils Safari Toobs Mini Japanese Erasers Montessori Metal Insets Cardstock Laminator   Story Sequence Cards Object to Picture Matching Small to Large Picture Matching Metal Insets Pin [Read On]