Preschool Geography {Clouds}


To continue my son’s introduction to the Earth, today we talked about Clouds. We have talked about Land,Water & Air, even performed a few experiments demonstrating that Air exists even though we can’t see it, and have started the conversation on Land Forms with this easy and effective Land Form Introduction activity. First we read [Read On]

Preschool Geography {Air}


{Source of Image: Wiki Commons} This past week we did a few very simple “experiments” and “observations” to introduce and demonstrate the concept of air. My son is 3.5 years old and teaching him that the earth is made of land, water and air as a starting point is key. Explaining that air exists is [Read On]

Preschool Homeschool Routine


I feel so grateful to have all day on Fridays completely free to spend with my boys. Here is what we did this morning. I added a “Circle Time Basket” to my planning and execution. I gather the materials I’ll need in this basket. It worked really well. Friday 8:30am: Breakfast 8:45am: Circle Time – [Read On]

Preschool Geography {Land, Air, Water}


“We live on the earth. It is made up of three things: land, water and air.” This lesson is a great introductory one for preschoolers. I used these “props” to begin the lesson: Cross-Section Earth Model Earth: The Blue Planet (Our Solar System) Air Is All Around You (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1) Materials: Three containers Water [Read On]

Preschool Geography Activity {Land Forms}


Yesterday I learned amazing things about introducing preschoolers to geography. Here are two easy activities I’d like to share with you courtesy of our amazing instructor, Tammy, from MEIPN. These are hands on, visual tools to get your child to start thinking critically about LAND FORMS. Both activities are paper tearing activities, which are great [Read On]

Worldwide Culture Swap


I am really excited about being a part of this year’s Worldwide Culture Swap! We are connected with families from Canada, Alabama, Finland and Italy! This approach has been a great way to start filling up our continent bags for future study with my boys. If you have not heard of the Swap, definitely check [Read On]