Cinco de Mayo Preschool Mini Unit

Simple Preschool Activity Bean Counting 1

Here are a few simple Mexico/Cinco de Mayo themed ideas to do with your preschoolers! Have fun! Art These FREE Printable Coloring Pages are great because not only are they free but they are fun to color AND help kids learn about the symbols associated with Mexico and the Cinco de Mayo holiday. At (almost) [Read On]

Cinco de Mayo Sensory Bag

Sensory Bag

We’re moving in a few weeks. So there has been a lot of purging and organizing in our home. I know all this moving around might have its negative impact on our little guys. We have certainly had some tough moments. We’ve had some unexpectedly great ones too. This activity is one example. I was [Read On]

Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activities {Movement}

Mexican Jumping Bean

Ah, Cinco de Mayo! What a fun holiday to celebrate with wonderful music, colors and joy! Many believe Cinco de Mayo to be Mexico’s Independence Day but really the day marks victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in the year 1862. We’ve been celebrating in our home this week through art, a little [Read On]

Cinco de Mayo Sensory Tub

Cinco De Mayo Sensory Tub

We couldn’t let Cinco de Mayo get by us without a sensory tub! While playing with this tub, we listened to a Cinco de Mayo playlist I created from iTunes. Everything I purchased for this Cinco de Mayo sensory tub was inexpensive from the Dollar Store & Amazon. Jalapenos Mexican Flags Green, Red and White [Read On]

Mexican Flag – Preschool Activity

Cinco de Mayo Preschool Activity

I love the colors of Mexico! The flag’s green, white and red are vibrant and fun for kids. Cinco de Mayo provides a wonderful opportunity to work with these colors, working the senses, and also provides a foray into learning about Mexican culture, history and geography. The meaning behind the colors: Green: represents hope for [Read On]