Easy Fourth of July Art Activities for Kids


My sons are almost 4 and almost 2.5 years old. They understand that certain symbols, like a flag and statues, represent countries . The Statue of Liberty particularly resonates with them because their dad travels to New York City several times a year. So I wanted to complete a few Statue of Liberty related art [Read On]

Memorial Day Ideas for Kids

Image courtesy of nixxphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Memorial Day is a big concept for most young children to “get”. I don’t mean to cut children short because I know they do get many BIG concepts. To bring the idea of war and veterans into a child’s mind, though, is a serious endeavour and one that needs to happen gently and slowly over [Read On]

Memorial Day Preschool Activities

Memorial Day Memory Game

Looking for some quick and easy, possibly even last minute, Memorial Day activities to do with your preschooler? Here are a few… Star Patterning – I bought stickers, placed them in various patterns on a piece of card stock, laminated the card stock and then cut the laminated sheet into rows. I left out a [Read On]

Memorial Day Children’s Books {Reading Corner}


Books are so magical. They open our eyes to the world and to knowledge, and, at least for me, inspire and motivate. Introducing new topics, especially topics as profound as Memorial Day, can be daunting to most of us. For me, the best place to start is the library. I research and seek out books [Read On]

Memorial Day Preschool Activity {American Flag}

Preschool American Flag Memorial Day Activity 7

We had a lot of fun making this flag together. As we worked together I worked into the conversation why there are 13 stripes, why the colors red, white & blue (White signifies purity and innocence, Red’s meaning is hardiness & valor and Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice) and why 50 stars. I think [Read On]