Olympics Activity {Kids & Money}

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I love the Olympics. I always have loved the Olympics. Mainly for the human interest stories but now that I am a mother I realize all the other amazing aspects to the Olympics. For example, the Olympics motivated me to want to become and be a better athlete in form and in attitude. The Olympics [Read On]

Take a Walk in London {2012 Olympic Games, Money & Geography}


We adore the children’s book A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino. We especially enjoyed reading this children’s book with the Olympics right around the corner. There are many activities that you can do to accompany this lovely book. One that we did happened organically for us, which I always love because those activities are [Read On]

Olympic Games {Learn about History & the Horse}


The Olympics are shrouded in history and within that history and tradition are the infamous Chariot Races. My son is enthralled with this original sport. We took a look at old images of horses in the Olympics online to get him even more geared up after reading a great book introduction to the Olympics for [Read On]

Olympics 2012 {A Book for Young Children}


With the 2012 Olympics coming up in July, we’ll be doing a series of activities celebrating and honoring Olympic history and tradition. A phenomenal start to this journey was reading Usborne’s book, The Story of the Olympics by Minna Lacey. The age range on this book begins at 9 years old but I read it [Read On]