Saint Patrick’s Day Preschool Circle


{Image courtesy of moomsabuy /} St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful celebration for children. The day brings an opportunity to integrate culture and history into your classroom or home.  I believe in speaking about the religious history behind the holiday but chose to focus more on the country and it’s culture. My thoughts centered [Read On]

March Montessori Shelves


I updated our Montessori shelves a bit for March. There is a green theme a la St. Patrick’s Day. We continue to work on fine motor skills with pipe cleaners and beading. This work is easy & inexpensive. All you need are pony beads and pipecleaners. My 2 year old loves this work. With my [Read On]

DIY Clover Lacing Card for St. Patrick’s Day

Hey Carrots Are Orange readers.  I am so happy to be able to share today with you while Marnie is busy moving her family to a new home.  I have a St. Patrick’s Day activity post for you today and hope you can enjoy this lacing card as much as we have. I am so [Read On]

St. Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skill Activity for Kids


I received this great package of craft supplies from Craft Project Ideas filled with green goodness. As you know I have been a bit obsessed with exploring green. What can I say? I get inspired by the holidays and traditions.  Honestly, I am not a super crafty person but I do try my best. So [Read On]

Preschool Math Gold Coin Estimation


Preschoolers are ripe for learning math concepts. They may not know it but their brain sure do. For example, within Montessori introducing preschoolers to geometry via the geometric solids (visual) and the geometric cabinet (visual and fine motor) as a start prepares them for more complex math concepts down the line. Fascinating, right? Here is [Read On]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids


We’ve had lots of fun over the years with St. Patrick’s Day. I love the holiday because it integrates so much learning. Click through the image for a list of all our St. Patrick’s Day activities. Below is a sample! Have fun! Spooning green lentils Shamrock lacing Pot of gold Jello sensory tub Make an [Read On]