Music Activity for Children


Bring music into your home this week by, quite simply, listening to a wonderful audio book compilation. One song that my boys have particularly enjoyed listening to is I Am the Music Man. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are a lot of fun. My boys love to listen to the CD and follow [Read On]

Simply “Be” with your Children {No Props Required}


One of the most remarkable things I observed about my sons’ Nature Immersion camp was that there were no books, no toys, no art supplies…there was nature. That is all the children needed…The teacher allowed the children to lead with their interests and used her extraordinary knowledge of plants, animals and the earth to create [Read On]

Preschool Math Gold Coin Estimation


Preschoolers are ripe for learning math concepts. They may not know it but their brain sure do. For example, within Montessori introducing preschoolers to geometry via the geometric solids (visual) and the geometric cabinet (visual and fine motor) as a start prepares them for more complex math concepts down the line. Fascinating, right? Here is [Read On]

New Years Songs for Preschoolers


MOVEMENT Put your arms down and out your sides(like a “V”), separate your legs in similar fashion then rock side to side singing: “Tick Tock, Tick Tock, I’m a Little Cuckoo Clock, It’s Now 1 o’clock”. Then Pop Up like you’re doing a jumping jack once for one o’clock, twice for two o’clock, three times [Read On]

Preschool Homeschool Routine


I feel so grateful to have all day on Fridays completely free to spend with my boys. Here is what we did this morning. I added a “Circle Time Basket” to my planning and execution. I gather the materials I’ll need in this basket. It worked really well. Friday 8:30am: Breakfast 8:45am: Circle Time – [Read On]

Preschool Music {Free Printables & Giveaway)


We had such a wonderful past few hours, while the boys sleep, I have to share with you a few things we did within music. Sensorial: Maestros Classics inspired us with their incredible Carnival of Animals cd. This piece gives children wonderful exposure to many instruments. We played pretend instruments and moved our bodies like [Read On]