Children’s Books about Migration

Children's Books Migration FEATURE

As I research Children’s Books about Migration I quickly became both impressed and intrigued by the amazing children’s books offered at our library and online. The art work hands down was some of the most beautiful I had seen from children’s books. The art work alone gave testament to how the authors and illustrators truly embraced their subject. [...]

Soil Experiment with Kids


Have you ever wondered what is in the soil around where you live? Here is a simple hands on activity that will guide you to the answers. This activity is a twist on the Rainbow Jar science experiment that teaches children about density. The idea is the same but the materials are different.  The activity [...]

Activities for Early Childhood Outdoor Education

Mud Kitchen

Is it possible to achieve school readiness in a 100% outdoor classroom? Can you meet Kindergarten “standards” by being outdoors learning all day? The answer is an astounding, “YES!”  To prove it, this post includes Activities for Early Childhood Outdoor Education. My sons and I recently attended Cedarsong’s Family Nature Immersion Camp. This nature  school is [...]

Children’s Books about Bears

Children's Books about Bears_1

“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.”…Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule I created this list of Children’s Books about Bears because we’ve had a few bears on our property recently. While being safe and knowledgeable is critical with wildlife, I also want my sons to be excited [...]

Baby Activities in Nature

Kids in Nature Beach

This post includes ideas for bringing babies into nature. Nature is the ultimate sensory, learning, and developmental experience. Finding a way to get children outside more often is a hot topic with parents and educators learning creative ways to bring nature to children in learning and every day life. You don’t have to live on [...]

Art and Nature Activity for Kids – Texture Painting

art and nature activity for kids pinterest

This activity for kids combines art, nature, and movement. We painted with petals and glue. The materials give children a different kind of tactile and fine motor experience. Plus, this activity takes children outside where learning is always at its best. Finally this art and nature activity for kids can be adapted to all seasons. [...]

Children’s Books about Seeds

children's books about seeds

This list of children’s books about seeds is unique. I tried to think out of the box, to give you and your children a different connection to nature. I hope I succeeded at making that new connection for you. Five Unique Children’s Books about SeedsClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Children’s Books about Seeds A Seed [...]

Garden Activities for Kids

learning about pollination

Spring is in the air. Summer is right around the corner. I have an affinity toward all seasons but this time of renewal is special. We have done several gardening activities. So, I thought I would share our favorite garden activities for kids.  Enjoy! Garden Activities for Kids Our Garden {Outdoor Classroom} My sons helped [...]