Two Easy Fall Activities for Preschoolers


Although I was at first disappointed that the apples I had bought from the grocery were not in great shape for eating, my mind immediately went to “what can I do with these apples with the boys?” So we sliced them open and took a look at the Parts of the Apple: the skin, the [Read On]

Introducing Parts of a Seed to Preschoolers


My approach to introducing a topic to my sons has evolved into a slower paced, very concrete at the start one. So when I decided to introduce Parts of a Seed to my sons, I decided to start with purely sensory activities that will hook them into the learning for a longer haul. We have [Read On]

The Art of Observation: A Study of GREEN


St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with kids. We integrate geography, history, culture, practical life and sensorial work into our St. Patrick’s Day activities. We even squeezed in an art project using only crayons with various shades of green. I will share these activities with you over the next few weeks. First [Read On]

Chinese New Year Sensory Tub


Sensory tubs are a hands on way to allow your child to learn through exploring objects, the colors and the feel of them, especially. Chinese New Year is a favorite of mine with the vibrant colors, lively festivals and profound traditions. Our Chinese New Year bin is simple. I’ve made the mistake in the past [Read On]

Christmas Sensory Bin


 Jingle Bells Jingle Bells & Rice Jingle Bells, Rice & a Hand Strainer You also need a bin (we use a medium sized storage container). Invite your child to sift, to discover the jingle bells hidden within the rice. So simple. Thanks for stopping by! I hope we inspired you. Marnie

Whale Eating Krill Sensory Tub


We visited the amazing Natural History Museum in Brewster, Massachusetts last week. Among the number of wonderful exhibits and learning activities they offer children and adults was a Whale Eating Krill Sensory Tub. Very neat idea integrating fun fine motor skill development, science and, well, a whole lot of water sensory fun! Both my 3 [Read On]