Music Activity for Children


Bring music into your home this week by, quite simply, listening to a wonderful audio book compilation. One song that my boys have particularly enjoyed listening to is I Am the Music Man. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are a lot of fun. My boys love to listen to the CD and follow [Read On]

Montessori Sensorial: Rough & Smooth Touch Tablets


The Lesson: Presentation I Prepare the box ahead of time with only the roughest and smoothest pairs “Would you like to see how to use the rough and smooth touch tablets?” “Let’s wash our hands first.” Go the Sensorial Area, identify box, and carry it to the table.   Place box in front of you [Read On]

Montessori Sensorial: Smelling Bottles


Montessori Smelling Bottles are a lot of fun for children and for adults. The variations and extensions for smelling bottles go far and are easily adaptable to various themes and seasonal works. Plus, the DIY for this activity is quite easy and inexpensive. I have an example of a DIY Smelling Bottles work in a [Read On]

Two Easy Fall Activities for Preschoolers


Although I was at first disappointed that the apples I had bought from the grocery were not in great shape for eating, my mind immediately went to “what can I do with these apples with the boys?” So we sliced them open and took a look at the Parts of the Apple: the skin, the [Read On]

Early Childhood Fine Motor Activity with Sunflowers


Oh the joy of watching our sunflowers grow this summer! My boys planted these tiny seeds and watched their sunflowers grow to over seven feet tall. We watched the bumble bees and the honey bees drink nectar and cover their bodies with pollen. Happy to help them on their journey. We saw the plant sprout, [Read On]

Easy Addition to A Child’s Space


I try to create an interesting and inviting space for my sons in terms of their activities, materials and the decor of their space. This addition to their space is very simple and inexpensive to do. All you need are small glass bottles. I found great ones at a local craft store for $1. You [Read On]