Montessori Sensorial: Rough & Smooth Touch Tablets


The Lesson: Presentation I Prepare the box ahead of time with only the roughest and smoothest pairs “Would you like to see how to use the rough and smooth touch tablets?” “Let’s wash our hands first.” Go the Sensorial Area, identify box, and carry it to the table.   Place box in front of you [Read On]

Early Childhood Fine Motor Activity with Sunflowers


Oh the joy of watching our sunflowers grow this summer! My boys planted these tiny seeds and watched their sunflowers grow to over seven feet tall. We watched the bumble bees and the honey bees drink nectar and cover their bodies with pollen. Happy to help them on their journey. We saw the plant sprout, [Read On]

Learning Parts of a Fruit


We cannot create observers by saying ‘observe,’ but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses. ~ Dr. Maria Montessori The first step to learning about the parts of a fruit was to read these two books: These books excited my boys [Read On]

New on our Shelves


Every month I like to freshen up our Montessori work shelves. Here are a few new trays I’ve added for my boys (2.5 and 4 years old). As you will notice these baskets and trays don’t require much money to put together. Hopefully the work is accessible to you so that you can easily integrate [Read On]

Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Activities for Kids


Scrambling for an easy, inexpensive last minute Valentine Activity for you kids? Here are two to help you get started… Heart Lacing Activity All you need is: a hole punch red paper scissors a lace, ribbon or yarn   Steps to take: Cut a heart Punch holes around the edge of the heart Lace away [Read On]

Christmas Sensory Bin


 Jingle Bells Jingle Bells & Rice Jingle Bells, Rice & a Hand Strainer You also need a bin (we use a medium sized storage container). Invite your child to sift, to discover the jingle bells hidden within the rice. So simple. Thanks for stopping by! I hope we inspired you. Marnie