New on our Shelves


Every month I like to freshen up our Montessori work shelves. Here are a few new trays I’ve added for my boys (2.5 and 4 years old). As you will notice these baskets and trays don’t require much money to put together. Hopefully the work is accessible to you so that you can easily integrate [Read On]

Preschool Math: Learning Numbers with Ten Frames


A few weeks ago, my husband came home from a business trip with an exciting surprise for our 3.5 year old: a bright pink, digital piggy bank. Every day since receiving it, our son has been sorting, counting and recounting the coins inside. {The “pretty pennies” are his favorite.} Since I love creating learning activities [Read On]

Get Kids Involved in the Home with these Easy Ways


Do you have a child excited to help out around the home? Yes, my kids too. Three words of advice: Let. Them. Help. This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Method. All opinions are 100% mine. You will find a rhythm of working together. The best part? Well, your child will [Read On]

Ways to Teach Kids about Money


April is Financial Literacy Month. If there was ever a time to emphasize the responsibility of us adults to teach financial responsibility (or to learn ourselves for that matter) to our children, it is now. Teaching kids about money goes far beyond simple math concepts. Teaching kids about money is a life skill. I am [Read On]

Love & Logic Parenting – Thoughts on Chores


A few weeks ago I wrote about Love & Logic. I am currently experimenting with the approach. What I love about any of these disciplines is that we parents can take from them what works for our situation and leave the rest behind. So pick a general philosophy and approach (e.g. Positive Discipline) and go [Read On]

Pretend Play with a Twist


We like Pretend Play in our Home but with a slight twist. The twist is adding real items into the play. I wrote a post on Montessori’s view on Pretend Play the other day. I am conflicted about it but I think I have managed to deal with it well. I mentioned an introduction to [Read On]