Sound of the Week Bag


My 3 year old has entered his sensitive period for learning sounds. Each week one part of his learning involves a sound of the week. Originally I had placed objects, images and a sandpaper letter on a tray and left for him to discover. It was hit or miss. He wasn’t quite drawn to it. [Read On]

Reading Readiness Ideas for 2 and 3 Year Olds


A family member emailed me recently for advice on letter and number learning for her 2 year old. She asked if it was okay to start incorporating these concepts or would that be pushing him before he’s ready? I’m sure many, many parents feel confused and conflicted about reading and writing learning with their young [Read On]

Easy Ways to Encourage Reading at Home


(Image courtesy of Simon Howden at My 3 year old has entered his sensitive period for language. He can’t get enough of books. Our 4.5 year old has always been an avid devourer of books but with our second, I wasn’t sure we would see the same passion. We didn’t for a long time. [Read On]

A few thoughts on language development


“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” ~ Dr. Montessori Dr. Maria Montessori viewed child development as a holistic process. There should not be memorization of skills and knowledge thereby “transferring” skills and knowledge to a child. A child should be encouraged and [Read On]

Our Montessori Space


Montessori permeates our home in many ways. One way, though, is a Montessori Room. This room is a {small} classroom where we keep all our Montessori materials. The boys know this room is sacred {ah-hem – too strong?) in that their trains and other misc wonderful toys stay in their play spaces. We integrate Montessori [Read On]

Over a Dozen Ways to Encourage Writing in Preschoolers


Dr. Montessori believed in allowing a child to discover reading and writing. If we give space for this discovery then it’ll ignite a child’s desire and drive for learning, more specifically reading and writing. So how do we step back and allow our children to guide their own development? First, we must accept that there [Read On]