Montessori Philosophy

Montessori Math Philosophy {Mathematical Mind}


Dr. Montessori believed that the brain is naturally drawn to precision, to organize, to compare, to create order out of disorder, to classify and to quantify patterns and relationships. Human beings are born with a propensity to naturally be driven to calculate, to reason and to create within their environments. However, without guidance and nurturing […]

What is Montessori? {Language}

what is montessori geometry cabinet

A child is born with what he needs to develop language. There are many ways we adults can enrich a young child’s language development. We know that children will learn to speak as long as they are exposed to some language early in their development. Reading and writing, on the other hand, need to be […]

What is Montessori? {Three Period Lesson}


  The 3-period Lesson Oh, I love the Montessori three period lesson, this week’s spotlight in my What is Montessori? Series! One of Montessori’s greatest contributions in my mind. It is so effective and simple. I integrate the approach throughout our days. A great language tool for all parents and educators. The lesson can also […]

What is Montessori? {Isolation}


CONTROL OF ERROR & ISOLATION OF DIFFICULTY Control of Error and Isolation of Difficulty are two critical aspects within Montessori. Each concept gives the child control over the pace of his development with an opportunity to self-correct.  As a child leaves the unconscious learning period, where he effortlessly gathers impressions from his environment, and moves […]