Extensions for Montessori Geography Work


When I first learned Montessori Geography, I often got stuck. Okay, pull the puzzle pieces out, put them back in, place them on the control map, put them back in the template…then what? Then I discovered the amazingness of extensions with the maps. The greatest part about extensions is that the map work can grow [Read On]

Memorial Day Ideas for Kids

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Memorial Day is a big concept for most young children to “get”. I don’t mean to cut children short because I know they do get many BIG concepts. To bring the idea of war and veterans into a child’s mind, though, is a serious endeavour and one that needs to happen gently and slowly over [Read On]

Preschool Geography – The Continents


I’ve written about working with and introducing a Montessori World Map recently. Two extensions to do with the Montessori World Map are Creating Your Own Map by Tracing & Push Pinning. We did a very simple version of this extension as a first step to further extensions: Materials Needed for the Geography Activity: Control World [Read On]

Teaching Geography to Preschoolers {Land Forms}


You might remember a post I wrote a while back on Introducing Land Forms to Preschoolers with an easy & inexpensive activity. The other day I went further to explain Geography within Montessori and how to introduce this big topic to your children. When you are ready to move onto the next lesson, I highly [Read On]

Teaching Geography to Preschoolers


We were fortunate to receive Montessori Geography materials from Montessori Outlet to review and now offer to you. These materials are affordable and will bolster your home or school classroom. I am thrilled to be working with Montessori Outlet, the sponsor to our Montessori Geography “Starter Kit” Giveaway. Please read through this post for details. [Read On]

Preschool Homeschool


Here is a glimpse at what is new in our learning space this month. Simple Introductory Pouring of Dry Goods Exercise for my 2 year old. The cups are mini Chinese tea cups. I filled them with small pasta. As I begin to introduce the concept of telling time, I introduced this work into our [Read On]