Hands On Geography Activities with Kids

Geography Activity Kindergarten

Hands On Geography Activities with Kids I often find that the best, most successful activities created in our home happen organically and are led by my children (5 and 3.5 years old). These hands on geography activities are a great example that can be easily implemented and repeated in our home. There are affiliate links [...]

Preschool Geography Activity with Rocks

Rocks Preschool Geography Activity Feature

Okay, it’s official. I am obsessed with rocks and minerals. This post highlights a fun preschool geography matching activity with rocks and landmarks. In Montessori, geography includes physical (like learning about land forms) and culture. This activity falls into both areas within geography.  Are you with me? The activity is simple: Matching a landmark to the [...]

8 Preschool Geography Activities


This post includes 8 Preschool Geography Activities that we love in our home. Preschoolers are ripe for learning geography, both physical and cultural aspects to the learning. There are simple, hands on ways to introduce the great big world to young children. This post includes some of my favorite preschool geography activities. Enjoy! Preschool Geography [...]

Preschool Geography Activities to Learn the Continents


I’ve written about working with and introducing a Montessori World Map recently. This post introduces two extensions to a preschool geography activities to learn the continents. We use the Montessori World Map to: 1) Create our Own Map by Tracing & 2) Create our Own Map by Pin Poking.   Preschool Geography Activity to Learn the ContinentsClick [...]

Teaching Geography to Preschoolers {Land Forms}


You might remember a post I wrote a while back on Introducing Land Forms to Preschoolers with an easy & inexpensive activity. The other day I went further to explain Geography within Montessori and how to introduce this big topic to your children. When you are ready to move onto the next lesson, I highly [...]

Teaching Geography to Preschoolers


We were fortunate to receive Montessori Geography materials from Montessori Outlet to review and now offer to you. These materials are affordable and will bolster your home or school classroom. I am thrilled to be working with Montessori Outlet, the sponsor to our Montessori Geography “Starter Kit” Giveaway. Please read through this post for details. [...]

Preschool Homeschool


Here is a glimpse at what is new in our learning space this month. Simple Introductory Pouring of Dry Goods Exercise for my 2 year old. The cups are mini Chinese tea cups. I filled them with small pasta. As I begin to introduce the concept of telling time, I introduced this work into our [...]

Preschool Geography {Clouds}


To continue my son’s introduction to the Earth, today we talked about Clouds. We have talked about Land,Water & Air, even performed a few experiments demonstrating that Air exists even though we can’t see it, and have started the conversation on Land Forms with this easy and effective Land Form Introduction activity. First we read [...]

Preschool Geography {Air}


{Source of Image: Wiki Commons} This past week we did a few very simple “experiments” and “observations” to introduce and demonstrate the concept of air. My son is 3.5 years old and teaching him that the earth is made of land, water and air as a starting point is key. Explaining that air exists is [...]