Montessori Practical Life: Card Sewing


Invite child, have child retrieve rug and take basket to the rug. Identify & remove materials from the basket: “Scissors. Sewing Card. Yarn. Needle.” Have child measure yarn using edge of the rug. Cut yarn. Thread the needle slowly and carefully. Make sure the child is watching closely. Let the child know that he may [Read On]

Montessori Practical Life: Refined Tweezing


The Lesson Ask child if he would like to try something new with tweezing today and bring him to the shelf to remove the tray. Identify the items on the tray. “This is a pitcher. This is a pitcher. This is a bowl with stones.” “This is a huller.” Fingers on one side and thumb [Read On]

Montessori Practical Life: Basting


  The Lesson Remove tray from shelf. Apron procedure. Identify items on tray. “This is a sponge.” “This is a glass with water. This glass is empty. This is a baster.” “Neck.” “Hole.” “Bulb.” Using 3-finger grip, demonstrate squeezing bulb. (Two fists if necessary.) Place back on tray and offer the child a chance to [Read On]

Montessori Practical Life: Large Bead Stringing


Large Bead Stringing is one of the first works within Practical Life’s Care of the Environment. A powerful yet simple exercise that works fine motor skills and focus. With patterning, Lacing Beads also provides a young child exposure to early math. Invite child, retrieve a rug and have child carry the basket to meet you. [Read On]

Montessori Practical Life: Introduction to Tweezing


  Carry tray from shelf to table. Identify objects on tray. “This bowl has objects in it. This bowl is empty.” “This is a flower.” “Tongs.” Pick up tongs with dominant hands. Fingers on one side and thumb on the other. “Open. Close” Allow child an opportunity to open and close tongs. After child has [Read On]

Easy Montessori Valentine’s Day Activities


I added a few works to our shelves to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! Large Bead Stringing is a wonderful entree into sewing for young children. The activity develops fine motor skills. The string is a lace we had from a lacing card set. The beads are from . Be sure to have “keeper bead” as [Read On]