New in Our Montessori Space

Book Cover Artwork Close Up

We are rotating, decluttering, and revamping our boys’ space. Their areas are in need of some refreshing change. Here are a few of the particularly exciting changes and items new in our Montessori space. New in Our Montessori SpaceClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule New in Our Montessori Space Art Work Lego Patent Print – The thing [...]

Dinner Tips & Tricks

Watermelon for Dinner

How do you end the day with your family? Life is busy, moving fast. Often finding time to take a breath seems difficult. I grew up sitting down as a family for dinner most nights. My mother is a single parent. Now with three children of my own and a very supportive partner I wonder how [...]

10 Phrases to Use with a Child During Conflict

Communicating with Children

This post offers 10 Phrases to Use with a Child During Conflict. Before we get to those tips, though, think about this: Have you considered that in order to effectively clear up conflicts and successfully manage challenges with children you (yes, we adults) need to look inward? When I heard this notion from Leslie Chertok, a therapist whose [...]

3 Meditation Ideas for Kids

Meditation Children

Meditation is a powerful life tool. Meditation can be taught to children at a young age. Children are ripe for instilling this activity into their daily existence. The post includes 3 Mediation Ideas for Kids to ponder as you consider ways to integrate more conscious living into your family or classroom’s life. At the end [...]

12 Amazing Daily Routine Charts for Kids

Boy cleaning the kitchen

This post includes 12 Amazing Daily Routine Charts for Kids. My sons are 5 and 3.5 years old. I admit that we have never been great at establishing routine. I have always been stuck between “going with the flow” and planning beyond necessity. Over time I have come to realize that much like a Montessori [...]

10 Ways to Teach Kindness

Teaching Kids Kindness

Are there Ways to Teach Kindness? I recently read Madeline Levine’s book Teach Your Children Well. She poses readers the question: Would you rather your child be smart or good? The question provoked a lot of thought. I don’t question or worry about the “smart” part. I have faith they will succeed. I do, however, worry [...]

Baby Activities in Nature

Kids in Nature Beach

This post includes ideas for bringing babies into nature. Nature is the ultimate sensory, learning, and developmental experience. Finding a way to get children outside more often is a hot topic with parents and educators learning creative ways to bring nature to children in learning and every day life. You don’t have to live on [...]

Montessori Inspired Father’s Day Gifts


This post includes a list of Montessori Inspired Father’s Day gifts. You’ll notice these gifts are much more about having an experience with Dad, not so much about buying more “stuff”. I hope you find this Father’s Day guide helpful in your quest to find something a bit unique this Father’s Day. Montessori Inspired Father’s [...]

DIY Father’s Day Gift from Kids

Inexpensive Father's Day Gifts

This DIY Father’s Day gift from kids contains 30 inexpensive ideas.  The FREE Father’s Day Printable include 30 inexpensive ideas for Dad in a “Book of Experiences to Celebrate Time with Dad”. There are 30 words, all verbs, all focused on “doing” rather than “spending”.  These words are included on each page of the Book of Experiences. Follow along [...]