Kids in the Kitchen Holiday Season Giveaway


I am so excited about this post and Montessori Services giveaway! This holiday season, let’s make a pact to get our children involved in preparing the extraordinary feasts I know we’ll all be enjoying. Children want to be involved in the daily activity of the home. Developmentally, children are driven to do, to practice, to [Read On]

Happy Baby Frozen Organic Babyfood Cubes – Review

Happy Baby

I was thrilled to find that Amazon Fresh, Seattle’s local grocery delivery (yes, I know, we’re very fortunate.) delivers HAPPYBABY products. I was even more thrilled to learn that HAPPYBABY offers frozen organic baby food cubes. Offered in three stages, the first stage gives us simple food purees such as squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, [Read On]

Project Montessori at Home – Our Transformation: The Placemat

montessori placemat

Montessori is all about self directed learning. Mealtime is a great opportunity for encouraging this sort of learning and watching your child’s confidence build as a result. One super easy way to start this process is by using Montessori inspired place mats. We bought wonderful reversible place mats from this Etsy store. Now, our two [Read On]

Misery Loves Company – The Picky Toddler

I stumbled upon this hilarious post called “Barf! I am not eating that!” by a parent just like you and me. I’m calling it hilarious because, well, we can all relate to her trials with a picky eater. The best part about the post is that she offers some suggestions on how to manage the [Read On]

Toddler Food Wars

J Pancake

Struggling with your toddler not eating? Yes? Yeah, me too. It’s frustrating when you take time to think about, prepare and then serve a dinner that goes uneaten. There are only so many hours in a day, right? We had our second baby a week ago. So this week has been unique. We’ve worked hard [Read On]

The Grazer


As parents we seem to fret over every little thing whether it is sleep, diet, walking, talking, you name it…My best friend has a four year old, “A”. She reminded me today that after all of A’s “issues” with sleep, etc in the early years, he is past those struggles and you know what? He [Read On]