Earth Balls – Family Snack


Here is a lovely snack recipe from my very healthy, vegetarian best friend, Jessie, for your whole family to enjoy. (That’s a very pregnant Jessie in the picture above this text. She is holding my older son last summer on our visit back home to Maine.) Jessie’s “Earth Balls” are portable, healthy and, perhaps, most [Read On]

Tangerines! Food for the senses, math & mobility


We love tangerines in our house. They are a wonderful fruit for so many reasons. The color, textures, taste, built in sensory activity and not to mention the health benefits. The recommended age for giving citrus to your babies is 12 months. That is when we started even though our pediatrician told us we’d be [Read On]

Crack the Nut


I have been reading a  lot about the Montessori method of teaching and learning.  The approach resonates with me and my husband very strongly and I look forward to introducing Montessori based activities and exercises in learning to our boys.  Some of the activities will be traditional Montessori, like nesting blocks for example, but others [Read On]



One of the most exciting parts about summer is the copious amounts of watermelon. Not only good for us adults to nibble on but a wonderful finger food for our kids, too. An organization exists for the purpose of promoting this amazing fruit. The organization is named fittingly The National Watermelon Promotion Board. Check it [Read On]

Traveling Soon? My favorite “portable” baby and toddler food.

Sprout Baby – Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence co-founded this certified organic baby food company and you can definitely see his influence on the flavor combinations. The BPA free pouches are thin and very efficient for packing. The pouches close up with a “zip lock” so it can get a bit messy. There are two “levels” [Read On]

Healthy Snacks? What? I recently took my kid to the dentist and here is what I learned…


I recently took my 16 month old to the dentist for the first time. I scheduled the appointment after I was told by numerous parents at a huge playgroup that I was remiss not taking him (gulp) within six months of getting his first tooth. Oops. Well, I can’t really say “Oops”. I was in [Read On]