Peach Plum with Vanilla Puree

Super simple delicious puree for your little one. Summer is great for a lot of reasons but if you are a parent access to fresh and local fruit is a big plus. Today I steamed one large peach and three small plums for my littler one’s breakfast. I added a little vanilla to cut the [Read On]

Quick and Easy First Foods Meal and Built In Sensory Activity


Who needs fancy, complicated sensory tubs (well, me but…) when you have banana and avocado? I was trying to do five things at once, to which I am sure you can all relate, including preparing a quick and easy banana and avocado puree. Erh…mashing a half banana and a half avocado together. In the middle [Read On]

Happy Baby Frozen Organic Babyfood Cubes – Review

Happy Baby

I was thrilled to find that Amazon Fresh, Seattle’s local grocery delivery (yes, I know, we’re very fortunate.) delivers HAPPYBABY products. I was even more thrilled to learn that HAPPYBABY offers frozen organic baby food cubes. Offered in three stages, the first stage gives us simple food purees such as squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, [Read On]

Pear Puree with Oats and Cinnamon

As I have blogged about in the past, pears are an amazing fruit. They are full of Vitamin C, Fiber and Potassium. An added bonus is that pears are easy on digestion and can aid in a constipated little one. Add Oats (Iron and Fiber) and Cinnamon to the mix and your child has a [Read On]

Apricot Puree


I can hardly believe my littler boy is now past the six month mark and experimenting with solid foods. Part of me is sad but another part of me is a little too excited to pull out the BEABA and start experimenting with baby’s first foods. Yesterday I walked up to the farmers’ market to [Read On]

Carrot Leek Puree

I like this puree because of it’s simplicity but also because you can “spice” it up if you and your child desires. This puree is inspired by fall flavors because it seems warm and cozy to me, and by Indian flavors by adding a bit of coriander and tumeric. Finally this puree is so wonderful [Read On]