Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons


This Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons is the one I learned in training. I hope you find it useful. Please contact me with any questions or comments.   Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons Montessori Language Sequence of Lessons Click To Tweet Pre-Reading & Writing 3 period lesson Object to Object Matching Object to Picture Matching […]

Montessori Math Philosophy {Mathematical Mind}


Dr. Montessori believed that the brain is naturally drawn to precision, to organize, to compare, to create order out of disorder, to classify and to quantify patterns and relationships. Human beings are born with a propensity to naturally be driven to calculate, to reason and to create within their environments. However, without guidance and nurturing […]

Montessori Sensorial: Binomial Cube


Below you will find traditional Montessori lesson for the Binomial Cube. The Binomial Cube physically represents a mathematical equation and lays the foundation for the development of later math skills. Carry the cube to the table with one hand on top and one hand on bottom.  Lift the lid using both hands & place it […]

What is Montessori? {Language}

what is montessori geometry cabinet

A child is born with what he needs to develop language. There are many ways we adults can enrich a young child’s language development. We know that children will learn to speak as long as they are exposed to some language early in their development. Reading and writing, on the other hand, need to be […]