Simple Ways to Find Your Way Back to Mindful Parenting


I want to be a mindful parent. I think about this idea of “parenting with presence” a lot. On this early morning I can’t sleep. So, I am up writing to clear my head. As I sit in a rocking chair staring at my two sweet boys peacefully and adorably asleep in my bed, I [Read On]

Easy Ways to Recharge


This list is going to seem obvious but hopefully serve as a helpful reminder that we are in control of feeling better, more present and happier. More than being in control, the decisions we make to slightly change our day and mood have a huge impact. {Shower} It will breathe life back into your body. [Read On]

Top 10 Posts for 2012


I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I had creating and writing them! Enjoy! 10. “Dear G, Here is the thing about raising boys…” 9. Garden Camp {How To Make A Magic Seed Star 8. Project Montessori at Home :: Washing Hands 7. Simple Christmas Toddler & Preschool Activities 6. Water Beads [Read On]

Sandy Hook: A Blogger Day of Silence

Adversity Breeds Strength & Goodness


As I attempt to plan the upcoming week and prepare to publish posts on “Forms of Matter” and “Language”, I am finding it very difficult to focus on the task at hand. Like many of you, my mind keeps drifting to the tragedy in Connecticut. My eyes fill with tears as I cannot help but [Read On]

Simplicity Parenting

Get Outside & Get Dirty

“By simplifying, we protect the environment for childhood’s slow, essential unfolding of self.” Every day I strive to simplify and to create rhythm with our family. Honestly, most days I fail but the effort is there. I have accepted this journey will be lifelong, at least for this Mama. Today I started reading a book [Read On]