Simple Ways to Find Your Way Back to Mindful Parenting


I want to be a mindful parent. I think about this idea of “parenting with presence” a lot. On this early morning I can’t sleep. So, I am up writing to clear my head. As I sit in a rocking chair staring at my two sweet boys peacefully and adorably asleep in my bed, I [Read On]

Teaching Children the BIG Things in Life


I saw the man out of the corner of my eye as I grabbed the second apple juice box from my 3 year old, knowing that he and his brother wouldn’t finish one together, let alone one a piece. As I juggled the chocolate milk, bagel and sandwich at the register, that is when I [Read On]

Weaning a Toddler


Weaning a toddler is roughly equivalent to a mild form of torture. Here is the situation: Back in May said toddler was sleeping through the night, nursing less and less, hardly ever during the day. My mom arrive in June for a month and slept in his room. I think he got used to having [Read On]

Simple is Best {Nature’s Playground}


We’re spending August on Cape Cod with family. As amazing this opportunity, being alone with my 1.5 and 3 year old for a good part of that time is daunting in an unfamiliar place. This morning I woke up wondering how many times within an 8 hour period is too many for my limbs to [Read On]

Exactly Where I Should Be


I am always amazed at those moments – the smells and the sounds especially – that bring you back to a time and place in life many years ago. It is as though you’re there, feeling the sunshine, smelling the grass, hearing the laughter of friends close by. This afternoon I am sitting in my [Read On]

“Dear G, Here is the thing about raising boys…”

Peek a Boo Paint Box

I wrote this quick note to a friend who recently had a baby boy. I won’t use the word “terrified” but she definitely expressed some “I don’t know anything about boys” concern in her voice. I had to share a few brief thoughts with you all. “Dear G, Here is the thing about boys. They [Read On]