Children’s Books for Mother’s Day

I am a sucker for feel good children’s books, especially ones that teach our children a wonderful life lesson. Add Mother’s Day to that mix and you got me. Below are a few of our favorites.

Someday is a sweet book that I often give as a gift to friends expecting a baby girl. This book celebrates a wonderful mother/daughter relationship.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You simply brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. The illustrations are beautiful and the message is comforting.

Are You My Mother? is a classic book that never gets old. The baby bird alone draws us into the story. His journey to find his mother is endearing and interesting to children as the baby seeks out a variety of animals and objects to ask: ‘Are You My Mother?’

Ladybug Girl and Her Mama made my day! I was so happy to see this book released earlier this month.

Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish! contains illustrations that are both intriguing and captivating to my family. The story of this little fish and his mom is sweet and loving. A sure favorite!

Fancy Nancy’s Marvelous Mother’s Day Brunch is nothing short of glittery and fancy! Fancy Nancy is hard not to love by boys and girls. My sons adore Fancy Nancy. Nancy goes over the too with celebrating her mother in a way that all of us appreciate and find endearing.

The Runaway Bunny is a classic book for all children for many generations. The gentle, soft illustrations are as lovely as the story about a mother who always finds her baby.

The Invisible String is a heartwarming story that is helps children begin to understand the idea that even when people are not physically with us, we are together in spirit. A great read for dealing with separation anxiety but also lovely to celebrate family and friends in our lives.

Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons

I hope that you enjoyed this list of children’s books for Mother’s Day. What books would you add to the list? Leave me a comment! Hearing from you makes my day!