I have a confession to make…

IMG 1663 150x150 I have a confession to make...I have a confession to make to you. I am 11 weeks pregnant and have not been able to stomach making food for weeks now. There you have it. So instead of disappearing in the black hole of “morning” sickness I decided to entertain you all with a few different kinds of posts this week. My blog is focused on baby wellness, which thus far has centered around food and nutrition but we all know “wellness” extends well beyond the kitchen.

My first post (see below) is Puget Sound centric so I apologize to all of you non-Seattle folks bit perhaps the ideas will inspire you in your neck of the woods. I tried to incorporate food into the post but bear with me. (By the way instead of homemade purees, we have been feeding our Little Man World Baby Food, Sprout Baby and Plum Organics. All wonderful for their own reasons.)

Here in Seattle the rain keeps us company throughout many months of the year. I am a firm believer that a kid needs fresh air and needs to get out of the house (oh but I have many to do inside the house too beginning with laundry!) to explore even in the worst rainy days. So here is my list of activities we love to do on our beloved Seattle rainy days.


Our Favorite Things to Do When the Sun Isn’t Shining

  1. Grocery Store – Talk about multi-tasking. When little man was younger, I’d strap him in the Bjorn and off we’d go. Now he is big enough to ride in the cart, which in his mind is akin to a amusement park ride. Not only can you get groceries, a trip to the grocery store provides a huge learning opportunity. We walk through the aisles and I describe what we’re seeing, the produce section is especially fun.
  2. Museum of Flight – Seattle is/was home to Boeing. As a result we take a lot of pride in our planes and there is a lot of history. There are big vintage planes and a kid’s area. The first time I went little man had such a great time I ended up buying wall decals and a very cool vintage WWII plane mobile for his room. Must have for this car ride: soccer ball, bottle and snacks.
  3. Aquarium – Maybe an obvious one. My Little Man cannot get enough of this place. Seems like every time we go, he sees something more. Lucky for us, we have a wonderful aquarium about fifteen minutes from our home. Once he wakes from his morning nap, I change him and put him in his car seat. I give him a bottle and some snacks (usually cut up fruit, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, Happy Baby Yogurt Melts,) in his snack trap for the ride. The timing usually works out well so that we can eat lunch upon our return home. The snack holds him over until lunch.
  4. Local Pet Store – Too tired, don’t want to deal with tons of traffic or live in a place without an aquarium, visit your local pet store. My little guy cannot get enough of the fish and birds. Lots of things to learn here.We’re fortunate because we can walk to our local pet store.
  5. Community Center – The community centers around Seattle have “Tot Gym” or “Mini Gym” where for $2 you have access to a huge gymnasium and toys provided by the community center. The only bummer is the hard floor but there are some great toys to help my little guy work on his mobility.
  6. Library –Sounds crazy, I know, but I do take my one year old to the library. A little tricky because think about the glory of pulling ALL THOSE BOOKS off the shelves…so I have to watch him carefully. The library satisfies me because we find great new books AND I love the idea of him being surrounded by books and books and books. Reading is so important. Did you see this article on early reading?
  7. Children’s Museum – Seattle has a few great museums in the area. One is in Seattle Center and the other is called Kids Quest Museum about 20 minutes outside Seattle. Both have a designated babies section (called the Discovery Zone at the museum in Seattle Center) where little ones can explore sensory and experience new things. A wonderful learning opportunity. These places can obviously get a little nuts. So try to avoid field trip days (the museum will tell you when these occur) especially.
  8. Home Depot – You laugh but think about it. So many gadgets. So many things to put together. So many vocabulary words. Plus there is usually a protected outdoor garden center so we go check out the plants and rocks. My little guy is in heaven.
  9. YMCA – I highly encourage you to check out your local YMCA. A true community and many provide extensive children’s programs and babysitting while mama and dad get their work out in.
  10. The Little Gym – These franchised gyms are wonderful and are located all over the place. If there isn’t one near you, open one! We go once a week, usually. The idea with these gyms is to build confidence and encourage independence. They have a very padded room and classes that involve balance beams, bars, parachutes, balls and always time for independent exploration.

Talk to you soon…Marnie


  1. Stephanie says:


  2. Congratulations! May your pregnancy be uneventful and your birthing easy!

  3. Those sound like wonderful activities!! And, I agree with you on the library–I've nannied for many children of all ages and we love the library!! It doesn't matter how young, they end up realizing how to look at the books and pick some themselves! Thanks for a great post and really makes me want to visit Seattle even more!!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting for you all. I hope that the morning sickness passes very soon. Try the EMAB teas :-)

    And I LOVE the Woodland Park Zoo in the rain. When we were out there this May it did the Seattle drizzle thing the day we went to the zoo. I think it makes the zoo seem more “real” when there is weather involved. My boys love our Zoo New England zoos in the rain too.

    Congratulations again!

  5. Congratulations! Hopefully you will start feeling better soon. I wanted to add onto things to do outside of the house. I don't know if there are Lowe's Home Improvement stores in Seattle, but down here in Dallas (where heat – not rain – is the issue), Lowe's sponsors Build & Grow clinics (free!) with a craft on most Saturdays. https://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com/Home.aspx I haven't personally participated in one as my baby is only 10 months old, but my friends with toddlers & older kids have loved it!

  6. Congratulations Marnie! Very exciting news. That's a bummer that you haven't felt like being in the kitchen. I will have to check out your suggestions if we take a trip to Seattle.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Congrats! That's wonderful news (not the being sick part, of course)!!!

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