Corn Kernal Treasure Bottle

It really doesn’t get much more simple than this bottle and this bottle is the gift that keeps on giving for children of all ages. Our 8 month old loves to roll and shake it. Our two year old also loves to roll and shake it but also likes to discover what’s hidden in the bottle. This bottle very easily lends to an Eye Spy game or Treasure Hunt game using vocabulary and concepts like colors (I Spy something blue), numbers (I Spy Two T-Rex) and letters (I Spy Something that begins with the letter B).

We used a recycled bottle, obviously corn kernals, a few water gems, small plastic insects and small dinosaur figurines. I also taped the cap shut. My two year old loves to screw caps on and off, which is great and we have activities that feeds into that desire, just not our treasure bottles.

Have fun!

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