Fight Summer Slide! {Memetales/PBS Readathon}


Have you heard about Memetales’ and PBSkids’ Readathon? When I learned about it, I was relieved and excited to join forces with such extraordinary organizations to embark on our Summer Reading adventure!

Participating in the Readathon is simple {click here for step by step instructions) and sure does makes that summer slide look a lot less daunting. The program is straightforward: each week your child reads books online or on an iPhone or iPad {an aspect about which we were particularly excited) based on a particular theme, which include:

  • Week 1 – Animal Fun
  • Week 2 – Friendship
  • Week 3 – Character Development
  • Week 4 – Imagination
  • Week 5 – The Green earth
  • Week 6 – Global Cultures

Your Child: Not only gets to participate and read wonderful books but at the end of each week, he earns a certificate of achievement to display proudly.

You: As a parent, educator or caretaker, you can be as involved as you want to be in the excitement and learning. For example, my sons are 1 and 3 so I will be relatively hands on reading with them and to them. We parents, caretakers and educators have access to a huge set of activities via a newsletter and reputable bloggers {who have partnered with Memetales} to go along with book themes.

E-Books: As a family we integrate technology into our learning in a variety of ways every day. Interactive E-Books are one way that we enjoy and embrace reading and storytelling. Using devices is simply another way to access learning and literacy experiences and they offer a great change of pace.

Memetales: I fell in love with Memetales a while ago when my first born was still an infant. Allie from No Time for Flashcards got me hooked even before I was “ready” for it. Well, folks, we ARE now ready for it and are thrilled to be participating in this summer’s Readathon 2012. This year is even more special as MeMeTales joins PBSkids in promoting the concept causing families from all around the world to jump with joy.

As a final, important note, the Readathon not only aims to prevent the looming summer slide but the effort also supports an organization called, which assists in getting kids across the world to school. So for every child joining the Readathon, MeMeTales is donating a meal to send a hungry child to school via What is not to love?

So head on over to Memetales and sign up for the Readathon. You won’t regret it for a minute. One way you can help spread the word is by sharing this post via social media. If you use Twitter, tweeting this post using hashtags #readforgood and #kidslit will be hugely beneficial.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I partnered with Memetales and PBSkids’ to promote and execute this program via publishing activities and ideas around books within the chosen theme. I would have been an active participant outside this partnership arrangement of which my family receives books and my blog receives exposure. Maya and her team at Memetales are phenomenal. I am honored to be a part of their efforts.

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