Implementing Chores with Preschoolers

Chores Preschooler

A friend of mine has a 3.5 year old whom she wants to introduce the concept and actual doing of chores. My friend bought a cute chore chart for visual learning. I have thought a lot about this topic so I was curious about her approach. So, she asked V, her daughter, to explain it to me. That in itself is brilliant. She allowed V to take ownership of the experience and, as a result, she described her first chore with enthusiasm and pride. So that – “her first chore” – brings me to my next point. My friend opted to start slowly by introducing chores thoughtfully, chores that might not only become ingrained in her daughter’s learning but chores that also have more than one meaning (e.g. chore = reward). Her daughter’s first chore is the compost bin, which I think is brilliant. V learns about earning life’s precious “things” through hard work but she also learns about preparing food and science. What opportunity to teach and to learn!

There are wonderful resources out in virtual land for you to access on this topic. Tools, philosophies and ideas. Here are just a few:

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