Our Letter Baskets – The Letter A

Letter Baskets are a great early literacy tool. Each week we will focus on a different letter. I will start the week by putting a few items in the basket and by talking with my son about the items. The goal is to learn the sounds of the alphabet by connecting (the sound of) the letter with an object beginning with the letter. An added bonus is the opportunity to build vocabulary.

So this week we began with our first basket with the Letter A. I filled it with an Apple, an Avocado, an Alabama piece from a US puzzle, a horse to represent animal, a picture of his Aunt Ashley and Uncle Alec, an Ankylosaurous, an acorn and a wooden airplane. As the week progressed we added a few more states – Alaska, Arkansas and Arizona – a piece of an ambulance and a fake ant. He seems to look forward to the basket and he pays attention each morning (and maybe one or two more times throughout the day if time and opportunity permits) when we go over the objects in the basket.

Happy Learning!