Mexican Flag – Preschool Activity

I love the colors of Mexico! The flag’s green, white and red are vibrant and fun for kids. Cinco de Mayo provides a wonderful opportunity to work with these colors, working the senses, and also provides a foray into learning about Mexican culture, history and geography.

The meaning behind the colors:

  • Green: represents hope for a better nation, where people join together to achieve and maintain peace between them.
  • White: represents the purity (of catholic faith).
  • Red: the color of blood. With the inclusion of this color on their flag, Mexican people pay a tribute to those who died during the terrible war for independence.


My son loves maps so pulling out the map to locate Mexico was easy. We studied the location on the continent of North America and the relationship to Central and South America. We are fortunate that his preschool teacher is from Peru and speak Spanish to them regularly. So, he understood that Mexico was a different country and that they speak Spanish.

Our first hands on activity to celebrate this lovely and profound Cinco de Mayo was to create a Mexican flag. Here is how we did it.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityI grabbed a piece of poster board and green and red construction paper to outline the flag’s colors.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityWe had some green, red and white feathers waiting around for a nice sensory tub experience. I thought they’d make a good texture for this project. You could grab pom poms or use markers and crayons to keep it extra simple (which I always like!).

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityI put glue into a smaller squeeze bottle easy for my almost 3 year old to handle.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityI thought jumbo popsicle sticks would make for a good flag “pole”.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityI also grabbed these cute Mexican flags (typically used for food and drink) to decorate the poster board.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityWe squeezed glue. A lot of glue. Probably too much.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityWe placed feathers on the colored rectangles and squeezed more glue.

Cinco de Mayo Preschool ActivityMy son really want to put glue on the top of the flag “pole” and glue the mini flags onto it. So I let him.

Cinco de Mayo Kids ActivityWe proudly displayed it on our windowsill.

Thank you for choosing to visit my blog today. I hope that we inspired you!


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