Montessori at Home – The Culture and Language Basket

In our Reading Corner we created a Language and Culture Basket. At some point, this concept will be integrated into our impending Continent Boxes.

For now, though, the basket is situated in the activity area, next to a bookshelf, rocking chair and bean bag. The basket includes several books geared towards teaching kids Mandarin, a Chinese nursery rhyme book, a book about the world, Toot & Puddle’s Top of the World book, a guide book that accompanied an education Mandarin DVD and an extensive Chinese vocabulary book.

I also have a World Placemat that I absolutely adore from Crocodile Creek and a simple print out of China or Asia. These maps are a bit advanced for a preschooler but they still provide a great visual for our little sponges. I’d like to find a clean and neat way of placing them on the wall by his basket.

This learning area will certainly evolve over time. I can’t wait to see how it transforms with our learning and my sons’ development!

Thanks for reading!

Montessori Monday