Montessori Practical Life: Bow Tying Frame

The Montessori Dressing Frames are a staple in a Montessori classroom. The good news is, though, if you are looking for frugal ways to homeschool, there are ways to produce the work without purchasing the frames. You can create a DIY frame, use a doll and baby clothes or real objects likes a shoe with lacings. Below is a lesson for the Montessori Ribbon Tying Dressing Frame.


The child carries the frame to the table. Identify the frame: “Knot. Wood. Fabric.”


  • Use the 3-finger grip, grasp the ends of the tie and pull the ribbons out.
  • Fully extend ribbons
  • Place hand on sub dominant side of fabric, tuck forefinger under the bow & pull up the bows to untie
  • Allow the ties to fall flat


  • Use 3-finger grip to pull ribbons to respective sides with red one out to the dominant side, the white ribbon to the sub-dominant side.
  • Open and close flaps
  • Cross white ribbon over to the dominant side. Cross red ribbon over to the sub-dominant side.
  • Point out the parallel position of the ribbons in the center of the frame


  • Pick up white ribbon, place above red ribbon
  • Push under both ribbons while holding the red one down. Pull the white ribbon towards the dominant side
  • Grasp ends of ribbons with 3-finger grip and pull out
  • Pick up red ribbon about 1/3 of the way from the cross


  • Use 3-finger grip of sub-dominant hand to pinch lace and make a loop
  • Grasp white/blue ribbon with dominant hand and loop clockwise around the red loop. Push the white ribbon through the loop formed by the previous motion. Pause for child to see white ribbon pushed through the loop
  • Grasp each loop with 3-finger grip and pull out to tighten bow. Do with each bow. Invite the child to do the exercise.


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