Packing for a Trip Kids Craft & Activity

Packing Trip Kids Activity


This post includes an easy and fun Packing for a Trip Kids Craft & Activity. This activity to help kids to begin thinking about how to pack for a trip. This activity will make our lives easier as the adults also participating in the trip and will give our children the confidence and independence they need to grow and develop. Self sufficiency is huge for us adults and for those spirited children of ours.

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Packing for a Trip Kids Craft & Activity


  • Individual Pieces of Construction Paper (one per child)
  • Handles (two per child)
  • Pieces for the Wheels (two per child)
  • Packing Items Images (I used this awesome FREE printable)
  • Glue Sticks (or Tape or Glue)
  • Markers and/or crayons



  • Have the children get one piece of construction paper
  • Have the children fold the paper in half and glue the sides down

  • Prepare the handles by folding a piece of construction paper and cutting a semi-circle. With the “scrap” I ended up with, I cut out circles for wheels. Have the children grab two handles & glue the handles onto the top of their suitcase

  • Have the children grab two wheels & glue the wheels onto the bottom of their suitcase. See the above step for an easy way to incorporate wheels into your preparation.I cut the circles in half.

  • Explain that the activity is to Pack & Decorate their Own Suitcase
  • Have the children take from a basket of packing images to glue onto their suitcase

  • Have the children decorate their suitcase with crayons and markers. Here is the sample I sent to my sons’ language school.


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