Paint in a Box

Image credit: 7WondersDesign on Etsy

Image credit: 7WondersDesign on Etsy 

Paint in a Box

Yes, I let my child loose in a big cardboard box with loads of paint. Quite simple, really. We had the paint. We had the box. We had the boy. All of which quickly turned into Paint in a Box. This activity was spontaneous, filled with Process Art, Creativity, and Imaginative Storytelling. I am grateful that I went with it. I followed my son’s lead. He’s five now. He still recalls this day with such happiness.

The Box.

The Paint.

The Boy in the Box with the Paint.


The Joy.


The Hand Prints. Creating Art.

The Foot Prints

The Foot Prints. Creating Art.

Paint Sensory


The Sensory Explosion. Mixing Colors. Feeling Textures.

Peek a Boo Paint Box

The Boy in all his glory and contentment. He explored for almost an hour.



Most often, the most rewarding experiences and activities with your children are not those that are planned…instead the activities are spontaneous. So, let yourself go with it. Trust me.


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