Preschool Homeschool Routine (Free Printable)

This week we added a work for my older son (3.5) to our “Morning Time” routine. At the end of “Circle Time” we typically have a snack that I prepare. I’ve been working hard to find ways to give my boys the freedom to choose when and how much (to a degree) of a snack they’d like to have at some point during the day. So, for example, I placed a container filled with crackers within their reach, for them to access when they feel hungry. This week, my older son’s job became the “Preparer of Snack” using a Practical Life Apple Slicing Tray. So, below was our routine on Monday. We have “Circle Time” two mornings a week at this point.

8:45am: Circle Time* Begins

Intro: “Wiggle your fingers like this, Hello, Hello, How Do You Do, You wiggle your fingers like this…”

Calendar: Song & Calendar

Movement: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Learning Cards

New Work:Red Cap to Christmas Tree Tong Transfer

Geography: Reviewed Continents with Earth Model & Continent Song

Science: Read Clouds book (prep for Three Types of Clouds activity)

Literacy: Whales by Gail Gibbons with Whale Stuffed Animal Prop & Safari Whales Figurines

Language: Reviewed Numbers & Basic Language using Chinese Blocks (We did a Virtual Chinese Story time via Youtube later that day too)

Snack: Apple Slices Prepared by J for ne & his younger brother

10am: Finished up with Snack


*I coin this time in our week “Circle Time” but often the boys move their bodies to explore and learn as, hopefully, something we’re doing inspires them. Here is a free homeschool schedule for preschoolers printable of the document I use to organize us.

**Our “Invitations to Play” this week included holiday coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog, a mini fake Christmas tree with basket of ornaments to decorate, a red and green feather basket at a small table covered with contact paper and a “work in progress” land form mold I’m attempting to create to dig deeper (ha!) into Land Forms.

Please keep in mind that my 2 year old was engaged maybe 50% of the time. He really enjoyed the Tong Transfer and building a “house” with their Chinese blocks.

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