Sensory and Fine Motor Skill Activity

I saw this idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist it. The simplicity was beautiful. The cost (erh…practically nothing) was appealing and I knew that our one year old would be into the activity. As it turns out so is our 2.5 year old.

A can or container: Conveniently we had recently emptied a can of our favorite pancake mix.

To get a sense of size (big, small, medium, too big, fit, etc), I cut three different sized holes in the cover of the can with an x-acto knife. I poured different sized and different colored pom poms into a separate container and let them begin the process of transferring the pom poms. It was nice to watch.

What pure and simple fun. My 2.5 year old began teaching my one year old how to “do it”. “Like this…” and teaching him colors, “This is purple…and this one is green…” and teaching him size, “This one is big, this one is small…”

Pretty awesome and easy stuff.

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