Spielgaben Educational Toy Review

We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being. ~ Dr. Maria Montessori


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Reasons why Spielgaben’s products are special:

  1. versatility of activities and materials generally across ages
  2. cross usability of the materials (see matching image below)
  3. unstructured play with loose parts
  4. child directed learning with story telling and design creation
  5. allows for structured activities for sensorial and math, for example
  6. ability to cross over into a variety of areas in the classroom practical life (sorting and beading), history (seasons work), pre-sensorial and sensorial (pattern matching, pattern creation, preparation for cube root and other math related concepts), math (number rods variation, bead variation, spindle box variation) and language (letter creation and story telling)
  7. beauty & quality of product
  8. Spielgaben offers amazing Learning Resources and Free Printables to go along with their materials

A Few Ways We Use Spielgaben Materials

seasons_spielgabenSeasons Sorting Work

I found these beautiful prints on Etsy to represent the seasons. I used four identical sorting containers, one container to hold the combined Spielgaben’s (four colors to match each season) colored circle pieces and the prints. I loved this work because the pieces are great work for little fingers and the prints are different and required the child to look closely at the details of the illustrations. Spielgaben easily lends to a variety of sorting activities.


golden_bead_variation_spielgabenBead Variation Work

There is a lot you can do with variations on bead work with Spielgaben materials

patterns_sensorial_spielgabenPattern Matching

I created laminated templates by simply photocopying the materials in various designs. My son immediately took to these templates.

Open Ended Creative Story Telling

My sons (3 and 4.5 years old) used many kinds of Spielgaben materials to create towns as they played openly and unstructured with their cars & trains.

binomial_cube_variationBinomial Cube Variation

The blocks are a phenomenal variation on the binomial cube. Have the children build the cube in and out of the box with the different unit shapes.

shape_matching_spielgabenShape Matching

I have my 4.5 year old to thank for this one. He noticed the similar shapes across materials. Thus, a sensorial activity was born into the learning.

spielgaben_featurePre-Sensorial and Pre-Math

This image was taken totally spontaneously. My 3 year old began making a circle with the 1/4 circle pieces. Pretty wonderful to observe. Lots of potential here.

As you can see, I am thoroughly impressed with the beauty, quality and versatility of Spielgaben’s materials. I believe truly that these materials should be in every Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf & Homeschool classroom. Early childhood and elementary classrooms and homeschools can easily integrate these materials into every day learning.

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