St. Patrick’s Day Activity Table

A few nights ago I pulled out a variety of St. Patrick’s Day themed items and contact paper. I taped the contact paper onto a table and peeled off the paper to reveal the sticky side.

I laid out green glitter (I know, gasp!), green construction paper bits, a marker, a dobber, green confetti, various sizes and textures of shamrocks and paper gold coins. Then I went to bed.

In the morning, my son immediately ran to the table and began exploring with his eyes and hands.

Then he truly began to create his masterpiece. We added glue for good measure and away he went…

The activity has morphed into what he has coined as his “St. Patrick’s Day Green Table” to include bringing over green cars, green trains, green crayons, green trucks, green flowers…

Once he has completed his masterpiece, inspired by this post from Hands on: As We Grow, I am going to place another piece of contact paper over the masterpiece to seal it. Then we’ll cut shapes, maybe shamrocks, to decorate our windows and generally our home.

Also, simply sealing the table with another sheet of contact paper over the materials and art decoration made for a very cool sensory texture experience. Just place a piece of contact paper over the original and tape it down on all four sides and voila!

Simple exploratory exercise that has lasted days. He continues to go back to the table to visit, move a few things around and “study” it. Pretty awesome to watch him.

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