Montessori Beginners Guide

IMG 2544 300x225 Montessori Beginners Guide

As I begin this journey, my favorite Montessori resources are fresh in my mind and are in use on a daily basis. So, I believe I’ll give you a thoughtful and honest perspective. This page will evolve with my journey. I will update this page as I vet resources I use along the way.


There are many wonderful and resourceful books written on the Montessori Method. The first books listed are more philosophical and the latter books are more tangible for you in your home or school. Also check out this list of Montessori Books for parents.


Below are a few of my favorite Montessori Blogs. Here is a link to a more extensive list for your reference! I like this list because the author breaks it down by homeschooling, theory, in the home, etc. Very helpful!






That is a good start! Please let me know if you have additional questions or want additional information on the resources listed above. I will update it as I go along, revising the list as I see fit through this journey.

Good luck!!