Our Favorite Finger Foods!


Hello folks! It is that time – Finger Foods! Fun, right? Sure!  I am having fun with it so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. String Cheese – buy in bulk packages, stick them in the fridge and pull when your little one gets hungry.  I usually let the cheese warm a [...]



Avocados are a wonderful first food for your little one because they are creamy and smooth. There was a great blog post recently on Avocados at Food with Kid Appeal. Definitely check it out. I personally love avocados. I slice them up, sprinkle a little salt and mmmm. Delicious. The good news is that avocados [...]

Mexican Puree


Raining cats and dogs here in Seattle. Perfect day for a Mexican puree for the Little Man. Plus, I swear to Goddess this puree tastes like a chicken quesadilla and – shocker – there is a ton of good stuff in it for your little one. I had a lot of the ingredients in my [...]