Simple Building Materials for Kids

Building with Beans

Last week we had an unfortunate incident with marshmallows. I introduced what I thought was a brilliant and simple invitation to build. I set out a tray, a bowl of toothpicks, and a bowl of mini marshmallows. Then this happened… With little self regulation my 5 and, particularly, my 3.5 year old challenged me by […]

Easy Montessori Valentine’s Day Activities


I added a few works to our shelves to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! Large Bead Stringing is a wonderful entree into sewing for young children. The activity develops fine motor skills. The string is a lace we had from a lacing card set. The beads are from . Be sure to have “keeper bead” as […]

Montessori Practical Life: Pouring Dry Goods


One the early exercises in a Montessori classroom, the Pouring of Dry Goods is typically introduced after or simultaneously with Transferring of Dry Goods and Introduction to Sponging. So, very young children in the classroom are primed for this work. Don’t be surprised, though, when the older children continue to go back to these activities, […]

Two Easy Fall Activities for Preschoolers


Although I was at first disappointed that the apples I had bought from the grocery were not in great shape for eating, my mind immediately went to “what can I do with these apples with the boys?” So we sliced them open and took a look at the Parts of the Apple: the skin, the […]

Creating an Evil Eye with Kids


My son’s teacher is from Turkey. She is lovely. A former aeronautical engineer, she decided to change careers to her passion: guiding children in a Montessori classroom. She is the type to appreciate thought and her students’ participation in the gift process. So, I sought help from a friend who is married to a Turkish […]