Parts of a Flower


Here are the steps I took to help my child learn about the parts of a flower: Start with a book: Introduce any life science work, especially a new one, with a book that will hook the child. My Montessori instructor introduced me to Susan Jeffers’ Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, a fabulous book to introduce […]

DailyBuzz Moms 9×9 :: Earth {A Play Date}

Design Your Own Reusable Bag

I am honored to be a part of the DailyBuzz Moms April 9×9 challenge. As you know, Earth Day was last Sunday. I have always appreciated Earth Day but now, with two young children, the significance has newfound meaning. We celebrated with raw enthusiasm this year. As a finale, we hosted a “Celebrate the Earth” […]

How A Seed Grows

Seed to Plant

We had activities planned for this morning. Sometimes you have to scrap it& let your child take the lead. Our older son woke up asking about seeds. Obviously dreaming about the plant life cycle, right? My husband cut up apples as part of his breakfast. Our son was enthralled with the seeds. He saw the […]

Favorite Childrens Books Celebrating Earth Day


We love books! Books are great teaching tools especially for big topics like EARTH DAY. The below list is generally for 4-7 year old children. My son is 3 and has definitely enjoyed these books, especially the illustrations, so don’t be afraid to introduce them earlier. We talk about what is going on in the […]