Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Teacher Gift Materials

Recently, I asked a group of teachers for holiday gift ideas. I asked specifically what kinds of holiday gifts they enjoy receiving from their students. Hands down, everyone answered with heart felt sentiments, a personal or handmade gift from the child, a letter from the child, and so on.  I brainstormed some teacher holiday gift ideas with […]

Montessori Stocking Stuffers

Montessori Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are a special time spending with family, creating warm memories. The holidays don’t have to be all about gifts but I have to be honest with you, stockings are my favorite! In fact I could go without any other gift and be satisfied with my stocking. I suppose because the items filling your […]

18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities

Wishbone Feature

This post includes 18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities to enjoy with kids and your family throughout the holiday season. The discovery of and the subsequent breaking apart of the Wishbone was always a big part of my childhood Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t remember how we chose the two lucky family members to perform the coveted […]

Last Minute Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas


We owe a lot to the teachers in our lives. I don’t simply mean teachers behind classroom walls but all our teachers that have taken to walk some part of our life’s journey, with us, teaching us, guiding us, mentoring us…think about those teachers who have impacted your story. Then come back to thinking about […]

Personalized Children’s Book: Perfect Christmas Gift


I have the perfect personalized children’s Christmas book for you: Twas the Night Before Christmas. MyChronicleBooks is offering 30% off all personalized books and gifts, including “Night Before Christmas.” Simply sign up to receive weekly newsletters from MyChronicleBooks, featuring exclusive offers, new book announcements and free personalized activity pages. That’s all. I would have LOVED […]