Outdoor Chores for Young Children


I have fond childhood memories of working in the yard. Sure, I didn’t like weeding all that much but I remember the sunshine and how great it felt to earn an allowance. Somehow I understood that I must work hard, that work is not always fun, to be self sufficient. My mother has some amazing […]

Gardening with Kids {Make a Worm Tower}

worm tower

Today at Garden Camp we made a Worm Tower to carry home with us. You can do this activity anywhere you might find a multitude of worms. You’d be surprised where you can buy worms too! The Tower is a fancy way of describing a travel case for your worms. We made our Worm Tower […]

Introducing Earth Day: Recycling Sort Activity

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Earth Day is an important occasion. We celebrate ALL of us, how we HAVE to work together in order to be healthy and to, essentially, survive. One of the greatest things about “Gen-I”, a label the media has placed upon our children, is that words like “recycle” are common use, every day. Jack Johnson even […]

Favorite Childrens Books Celebrating Earth Day


We love books! Books are great teaching tools especially for big topics like EARTH DAY. The below list is generally for 4-7 year old children. My son is 3 and has definitely enjoyed these books, especially the illustrations, so don’t be afraid to introduce them earlier. We talk about what is going on in the […]

Implementing Chores with Preschoolers

Chores Preschooler

A friend of mine has a 3.5 year old whom she wants to introduce the concept and actual doing of chores. My friend bought a cute chore chart for visual learning. I have thought a lot about this topic so I was curious about her approach. So, she asked V, her daughter, to explain it […]