Two Easy Fall Activities for Preschoolers


Although I was at first disappointed that the apples I had bought from the grocery were not in great shape for eating, my mind immediately went to “what can I do with these apples with the boys?” So we sliced them open and took a look at the Parts of the Apple: the skin, the [Read On]

Our Spring Surprise {Kids & Gardening}

spring surprise

A few weeks ago we had an Earth Day Party. I was a little disappointed that the “plant a seed” activity didn’t execute as I had hoped. The kids found the bush beans seeds and scatted them throughout our yard and into the sensory bins. Yesterday I finally started to clean up the piles of [Read On]

Farm Sensory Tub

Farm Sensory Tub

Growing up in New England, my affinity towards the fall season is a little extreme. I love the crisp air, the smells and the deep, beautiful colors. So, of course, I am excited for fall activities. The Farm Sensory Tub is simple and fun. Great sensory exploration and fine motor skill development as my son [Read On]

September Sensory Tub

fall sensory tub Widgets Even though today Seattle had the tenth or eleventh (I lost count) day of 80 degree plus weather, I still smell fall in the air. I grew up in New England and I just love the warmness and fuzziness of fall. I have wonderful memories of running through apple orchards with my cross [Read On]

Breakfast Quesadillas for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!


As my kiddo graduates from purees to “real people” food I find myself struggling a bit. Feeding my little guy these days is much harder than the puree days when I could be creative and make sure I include the nutrients my little guy needs in his diet. One “transition from purees” meal that has [Read On]