Let Your Child Lead and Watch Where He Goes – Montessori Inspired

1 letter m

I hope you all can relate to me when I say: Sometimes I work really hard, I mean, really, really hard researching activities, thinking about activities, buying materials for activities and setting up activities for my toddler that don’t necessarily work out as I originally thought or planned they would…and that is okay. Part of [...]

Montessori Inspired Exercises – The Letter M


These past few weeks, we’ve been working on the Letter “M”. Here are a few ways we’ve integrated learning the letter and the sound “mmm” into our daily routine. Life size M – I used red painter’s tape and created a big M on our floor. Then my two year old and I “walked the [...]

Montessori at Home – Morning Routine

DIY Texture Board

Amazon.com Widgets This mornings’ “choice” activities included the awesome Safari Morphs. These morphs are an amazing activity for young children and they last for years evolving with the development of the child. For example, right now, we primarily use Morphs for motor development and some imaginary play. Going forward, I believe the activity will involve [...]

Loving the Letter B


Quick post! So great, I just had to share! We were making some letters out of our yummy homemade play dough. I decided to focus on the letter B because we just finished a week of the Letter B basket and we’re just starting to focus on Butterflies, which conveniently begins with the letter B. [...]

Project Montessori at Home – Our Mornings


My goal is to set up my little man’s activity area each evening post bedtimes. I am sure this set up will evolve as my boys grow up and as our space begins to cater more to homeschooling (we’re considering finishing the garage into a classroom/playroom). Actually I know this set up will evolve over [...]

Dirt Devil Vacuum Bag Puppet – Early Literacy and Language Tool

Patricia the Pig

As I was cleaning out our utility closet (I know, gasp!), I came across unused vacuum bags from our old dirt devil cleaner. Like the trusty mom raising two kids two and under, my first thought was ‘what can I create for my boys?’ Never could I throw away such a fabulous supply! Here is [...]